“There are forces of nature that are both beautiful and terrifying in their energies.  Vortices of rage and thunder that parade by us and we, in our ghosted silence, thank our gods with bowed heads that we have both seen and survived them.  That's how I feel when I encounter the work of Courtney."
-Mike Maden, 2008 Webby nominee, writer of Pink

“Courtney is building a railroad to the end of the universe and you are in her way.”
-Craig DeBell, writer of The Hots

“Courtney already planning what to do with your heart after she wins it over.”
-Eric Michener, Musician, Fishboy

“And just about the time I thought no one would ever show up, here comes Courtney, glowing like a ray of sunshine streaking across a black film negative.”
-David Maddox, Director of Reel Dudes

“Provocative. Mysterious. Courtney.”
-Joe Diana, Project Manager, Texas State Capitol

“Courtney is very clearly a dangerously insane person that would be removed from society if we knew any better, but we don't, so we will continue to eat what she feeds us.” 
-Carlo Bligh, High School English teacher

"When she's dead, you'll wish you'd bought some."
-Jesse Armstrong, Editor, Labels in Progress

“I have been clothed beyond, by an artist outside of time itself. Courtney is dead, long live Courtney.”
-Jeff Turner, Actor

“Courtney is a paradox. All things and nothing, at once.”
- Kim Sasser, Research Scholar, University of Edinburgh

"It's that damn Courtney! She's so hot right now."
-Christina Rees, Curator, Fort Worth Contemporary Arts, Texas Christian University

"No comment."
- Kelly Klaasmeyer, Editor, Glasstire

“Courtney is the new ‘It’ girl.”
Charissa Terranova, Assistant Professor of Aesthetic Studies at The University of Texas at Dallas

"Courtney's colorful canvas creations cured my cancer"
- Hal Samples, Commander, SPACE